A Revolutionary Approach to Long-Term Investing

Harness a powerful state-of-the-art decision system supported by the wisdom of experienced humans.

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Why Choose My Investing Machine?

Take an Amazing Tour of the Stock Market as You Ride Along With My Investing Machine

Visualize the incredible power of the MIM Decision System as we take you on a high-speed, narrated journey of the stock market over the last 25 years.

The My Investing Machine approach to building a highly profitable long-term investment portfolio using our proprietary Decision System is as easy as 1-2-3:

Profitable, long-term investing requires a consistent, mechanical approach to finding and purchasing the stocks of successful companies at the precise moment BEFORE the big gains happen, while stepping aside to avoid portfolio crushing losses.


Build Your Watchlist

Use the community to discover stocks unearthed by our coaches or other members. Add companies that you like. Use our stock screeners. Use our pre-screened candidates. Or a little of everything.


Wait For The Right Time

Even the best stocks will drop A LOT at times. My Investing Machine will tell you what to buy and EXACTLY when to buy it.


Buy the Correct Quantity

Every stock is unique... some are very volatile, some are not. The Decision System will suggest EXACTLY how much to invest in each new buy according to your portfolio size and your risk tolerance.


BONUS STEP: Monitor and Relax!

It only requires a once-per-week check-in to monitor your stocks. My Investing Machine will tell you exactly when to sell to avoid those inevitable gut-wrenching sell offs.

For a limited time, try My Investing Machine for $10.

No one can predict the market, but you can ride the big moves up and avoid the massive moves down

80% of the market players are institutions. These "big players" can't help but leave traces of their intentions like footprints in the sand. My Investing Machine is designed to detect these professional footprints before the average investor notices anything.

TechWreck: Sell recommended October 16, 2000. Avoided a 43.98% loss over the following 103 weeks.
Financial Panic: Sell Recommended Nov 12, 2007. Avoided a 53.68% loss over the following 68 weeks.
Covid: Sell Recommended March 2, 2020. Avoided a 26.67% loss over the following 4 weeks. Inflation: Sell Recommended January 24, 2022. Avoided a 19.52% loss over the following 37 weeks.

My Investing Machine is a long-term investing system that will show you what to buy, when to buy it, how much to buy, and when to sell it.

No other stock recommendation or portfolio management system incorporates the methods and strategies of some of the most successful traders in history reimagined into a long-term investing system.

Invest With Precision

Our specially developed Decision System, honed over years of meticulous testing, provides you with crystal-clear buy and sell signals for stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Simple & Startlingly Easy To Follow

Unambiguous buy, sell or hold signals leaves zero room for doubt as to what to do and how to do it.

Designed for Long Term Investors

Very few web sites or services cater to the long-term investor. Many times My Investing Machine has recommended holding a stock for years as it doubles, triples or more!

Designed for Busy People

No need to trade at all during the week or on your lunch hour. Simply review your positions, scan for opportunities, and enter your trades at any time over the weekend.

Make Informed Decisions

Know your odds of success, assess risk levels, and determine optimal portfolio allocation effortlessly. Let data-driven insights guide your investment strategy

Invest Smarter

Manage your risk by getting insights into any stock's success probabilities, understand the risk assessment for each position, and optimize your portfolio with tailored recommendations on position sizing.

Your Investing Coach on Standby

You'll have access to the My Investing Machine Exclusive Member's Community for comprehensive instructions, expert guidance, investment ideas and recommendations, and to get input from and interact with other members or our experienced coaching staff.

Novices Encouraged & Seasoned Investors Welcome

Ideal for new investors and those that want to take control of their 401(k)s, IRAs and other investment portfolios to avoid the sub-par returns of cookie-cutter, robot-guided portfolios.

Discover a Revolutionary Approach to Long-Term Investing Today

Instant Access. Cancel Anytime.

My Investing Machine: Finding Winners, Avoiding Losers

Here are just a few examples showing how My Investing Machine could have put you into some of the biggest winning stocks, while avoiding these same stocks while they were struggling.

Meta Has a Meltdown
Facebook struggled mightily in late 2021 and for most of 2022, after a number of missteps garnered some bad publicity and earnings misses. Exiting the stock when indicated by My Investing Machine in late 2021 would have avoided losses in Meta of about -73% in the space of about a year. Avoiding that ride down left investors with more funds available to take advantage of the ensuing meteoric rebound.
Nobody Wants Nvidia
Although NVDA is the darling of the market at the moment, it's been a winner for a very long time with plenty of opportunities all along the way to make significant gains. Along with that, comes the occasional breathtaking selloff. MIMers got the signal December 20, 2021 and avoiding the ensuing -60% loss in value over the next 42 weeks.
The Crypto Winter Has Arrived
Here's one for all you crypto fans... Did you know that long-term investing in crypto can be VERY profitable? The "crypto winter" caused Bitcoin to lose about 2/3rds of its value in less than a year. Fortunately, MIMers exited in late 2021. Love or hate Bitcoin, it's always a wild ride.
Meta Roars Back
As earnings began to recover and inflation began to moderate, the stock market started to act a little bit better too. A new buy for META was generated by MIM on February 6th, 2023. We are currently up over 170% on that purchase in only 58 weeks. Since we've held it for more than a year, the gains will get more favorable long-term capital gains rates. We're still showing a HOLD for META. Who knows how high it will go?
Everybody Wants Nvidia
Everyone's talking about NVDA now, but our first buy was generated on January 30, 2023, back before the AI mania really heated up. The run in NVDA has come in 2 chunks as the system attempts to protect profits after such a meteoric rise. The first run doubled your money in about 9 months and the second run has about doubled your money again in only 4 months. It's nice not to have indecision as to whether to stay invested or not. My Investing Machine will get us out when the time is right.
Bitcoin Goes Mainstream
Even we were surprised when My Investing Machine signaled a buy of Bitcoin on January 23rd of 2023! Nobody was talking about crypto or Bitcoin at that time. But MIM knows best, right? Bitcoin has since tripled your money and may even continue as we are still showing a hold!

Our Members Say It All

Bill G.
Bill G.
Read More
Exciting and profitable when the markets are good.... an absolute lifesaver when they're not!
Brent G.
Brent G.
Read More
I was running a few errands today and my thoughts came back to MIM again…over the past couple years there hasn't been been a whole lot of gratitude based on the market trends…but I’ve realized that in just a few months (maybe even two) the accounts have gained over a $XXXK- that’s very impressive and satisfying!!
Dan C.
Dan C.
Read More
As more of a casual investor, I appreciate belonging to a fiscal minded community focused on how to succeed. It’s such a relief not being shackled to a screen. I feel confident investing around my schedule with the help of My Investing Machine’s strong educational content and game changing buy and sell signals.
Don R.
Don R.
Newbie Saver & Investor
Read More
This is GREAT!!! We're excited about having access to these tools and information. Like you mentioned regarding the chicken and the egg... a lot of these resources are traditionally open to those with wealth, but how does the average person amass wealth without these resources?
Rob L.
Rob L.
Some Experience
Read More
I'm looking forward to the community growing. I have a feeling there are a TON of people like me out there... intimidated by investing and thus, a little overwhelmed at where to even start.
Nancy T
Nancy TExperienced Investor
Read More
ur the best...oh and by the way..my tax lady was very impressed ...she said not many people made any money on the market and u guys did....yiippeee for MIM!!! you rock!!!
Loren P
Loren P
Building Wealth
Read More
I made some good money from your picks in some very difficult market conditions (my stockbroker was constantly amazed at how my account kept going up), so I would like to thank you very much for that.

For a limited time, try My Investing Machine for $10.
Immediate Access. Cancel Anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agreed, there are all kinds of free sources for investing ideas. Some are good and some not so much. Some of these sites even get their tips and ideas from institutions not knowing (or caring) that they’re being used to foist stocks off on the public that the institutions are trying to unload.

Even if their motives are pure, very few if any will help you with timing. A ‘buy’ recommendation on most of these sites is simply an indicator of a company’s financial position and an unknown analyst’s opinion.

Growth stocks go up and down, sometimes wildly. Catch one of these at the exact right time and investing is a blast! Catch one at the wrong time and you stand to possibly lose gobs of money simply because of bad timing compounded by uncertainty about whether to hold it or sell it.

We suggest you feed these recommendations into the My Investing Machine engine to tell you exactly when to buy it, how much to buy, and when to sell it based upon our objective, mathematical metrics rather than some unknown analyst’s one-time opinion.

NO. This is not a service for speculative investing or short term trading recommendations. There are plenty of those sites and services available all over the web. Some good, some not so good, and some are outright scams.

My Investing Machine fills the niche of taking the concepts and methods used by successful, professional traders and applying them to a long-term time frame.

No one else does this.

Many times, our average winning trade is in excess of one year. Sometimes even longer. Some of these stocks can turn into doubles, triples or more.

Almost. A lot of investment services have decided to deal with the revolving door of tire-kickers and rubberneckers associated with offering a free trial.

We do want people to be able to sign up and get a feel for the service as it relates to them, but there is a fair amount of one-time work and acclimation that is required for every new member.

So we’ve come up with a compromise that we think works for those who are serious, but still want to try it on for size. And we’re all about risk-reduction, so here’s what we’ve come up with:

We offer your first month at $10. Basically a couple of bougie coffees or what you might spend driving your Prius to get avocado toast after SoulCycle.

We make the commitment that the whole process (should you decide to cancel) is as quick and as hassle-free as we can possibly make it. We want mutually beneficial arrangements between ourselves and our MIMers.

But, we’re going to keep the $10 for our trouble. 🤣


We’ve designed My Investing Machine specifically for those investors who are having way too much fun living their life than to spend a bunch of time in front of their computers analyzing stocks.

It’s also designed to be easily operated by a person who works away from an office all day, or an investor who is not inclined to want to execute or monitor trades during the week. Or those that are just not comfortable dealing with personal business on the boss’s time.

We’ve all seen the ads to encourage you to join a service that says that all it takes is “15 minutes a day” to profitably manage your investments. But when you think about it, this is 15 minutes a day, every day, for life. Miss a day and you could miss an important buy or sell.

This sounds more like a sentence than a selling point.

Since MIM is a long-term investing service, there is no reason to sweat over things that happen during the week. With our long-term view, we’ve proven mathematically that this makes little difference.

The only time commitment that you should consider is to set aside is a few minutes over the weekend (technically between Friday evening and Monday morning), to review your current positions and then to review candidates if you need a new stock in your portfolio. Personally, we prefer Sunday evenings.

If you need to buy or sell something, you can enter the order with your broker at this same time and set it to execute on Monday morning. That’s it. As little as 5 minutes over the weekend.

Of course, if you want to be more active, you can jump into the member’s web site and learn something, comment to others, help out your fellow investors, or even ask a question. All optional, nothing required.

MIM is actually a pretty good fit to help guide your 401(k) or similar account at your employer.

Frequent changing of investment choices or trading in your 401(k) account is cumbersome and impractical, or actually restricted by your employer’s plan sponsor.

MIM’s long-term perspective means that you don’t have to change investment choices frequently. Also, if you are signaled to make a change, the changes are likely being made to either avoid losses in your account or to make profits.

Since many 401(k) plan sponsors only list proprietary mutual fund products as available investments, within the My Investing Machine member’s site, you’ll find full guidance about how to cross-reference your plan’s mutual fund investments with common exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) that can be tracked and analyzed by the My Investing Machine decision algorithm.